Mission Statement

Our mission here at E3 Technologies is to positively impact each one of our client’s home or business environments thru the use of technology and renewable energy products.  Every time we install a solar system, a Powerstar package, or a completely integrated smart home or business solution, we are not only providing a better, more efficient lifestyle for our clients but we are substantially reducing their carbon footprint. This is a benefit to our clients, our community and to our world. We are proud to be part of the energy revolution!

John D'Angelo

Founder of E3 Technologies

We need innovation that gives us energy that’s cheaper than today’s hydrocarbon energy, that has zero CO2 emissions, and that’s as reliable as today’s overall energy system. And when you put all those requirements together, we need an energy miracle. That may make it seem too daunting to people, but in science, miracles are happening all the time

Bill Gates on Clean Energy

Welcome To E3 Technologies

E3 Technologies is a completely different kind of service provider. The modern home and business environment has evolved into a complex and intricate combination of systems, ranging from the electrical powering your home/business, to the implementation of a renewable energy package or the network and media devices that we are all dependent upon. While they’re a number of companies that can handle one or maybe two of these disparate systems, only E3 Technologies has the expertise and bandwidth to provide clients with a true single source solution.

With more than 100 years of collective experience in the residential/commercial electrical, energy and technology service industry ; our team of engineers, technicians, electricians and programmers will seamlessly orchestrate your entire project from design thru completion.

Our wide range of services include:

  • Commercial/residential:
  • Electrical
  • Solar, solar shade structures
  • Media
  • Network
  • Automation and control systems
  • Shading and lighting control
  • Security
  • Powerstar
  • Home Performance Solutions
  • Industry-specific financial programs: including loans, capital leases, operating leases, PPAs

Simply put, here at E3 Technologies, your environment will be reimagined.

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