Commercial Financing

Commercial FINANCING

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Whether you are financing or leasing, the team of financial experts at E3 Technologies have a program that will fit your needs. Because we understand the entire process from start to finish, we make it easy for you to get the energy management system you need at the lowest possible price and for terms that work for you. From smaller residential energy management systems to multi-million dollar commercial projects, we have a program tailored for the unique way that you use energy.

Energy Management Systems

A variety of different incentives and tax credit rebates are available for various energy management systems. All of these systems will enhance your quality of life and also increase the value of your home.

Shades-Properly shading your home will help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning and help you save on your overall power bill.

Lighting Control Systems-With proper lighting control, you can further reduce your power bill and use lights only when necessary. With our systems, we can set clocks and design “moods” that will enhance various areas of your home while saving your money

Lighting System-Let CES show you how to save on your electrical usage by replacing your CFL lighting with a more efficient LED lighting system. In just two years, a new lighting package can recoup its cost.