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Golf tips and swing advice can only take you so far. In order to truly correct a flawed swing, the causes of the problems must be treated, not the symptoms. A bad swing doesn’t always mean that you’re doing things wrong… It’s just that your body isn’t letting you do things right. By understanding and changing your body you’ll be able to correct your mechanics naturally so you can take your game to the next level with the exact workouts used by some of the tour’s best golfers.  SHIFT TRAININGS revolutionary golf Fitness programs incorporate the latest in biomechanics research to fix swing flaws while strengthening the body’s core and improving strength and balance to help golfers at all levels swing more like the pros. We begin with an assessment that determines where your golf body is. Is it too tight not strong enough or out of balance we are here to SHIFT your mind, body and nutrition so that you can take or life and golf game to the next level!