Stop looking to better your golf score by changing clubs, but rather improve the one piece of equipment you use to swing every club, your Golf Body.


SHIFT TRAINING offers expert knowledge and understanding of the human bio-mechanics, custom tailoring a fitness program to improve your body’s ability to swing the golf club better and have an over-all increased quality of life.

Functional Training is intended to help you live better with more core strength, stability & daily energy.

SHIFT TRAINING offers the most comprehensive functional training available in Arizona, Our unique ability to integrate tour driven fitness coaching with bio-mechanics & physical therapy techniques are why we ensure optimal improvement of the total golf body.

Golf Body Evaluation

Phillip Musial is a TPI certified Golf Fitness Instructor with an IFPA International Fitness Professionals Association certification and extensive years of being a top Chiropractic Physical Therapist. Your Golf Fitness Evaluation will determine your personalized program, incorporating balance, mobility, stability, strength, power and speed to help you reach your optimal health, physical development, and golf performance.

This comprehensive evaluation of your physical and athletic abilities will also allow us to determine your specific needs and assess the need for specialized training programs for both injury prevention and recovery.

We assess your quality of movement, range of motion and overall initial core abilities to determine your areas of strength and weakness. These tests show us how well you move and which segmented areas you favor. Our goal is to create left and right-side awareness with having equal strength and balance.

  • Gain balance, mobility, stability, power and speed
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Personalized programs
  • Perform to your full potential
  • Build strength
  • Manage physical resources
  • Prevent injury
  • Increase your body’s overall effectiveness


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