Commercial Energy

Solar is the way of the future and allows you to take advantage of the most abundant energy source available on earth. Solar energy allows you to take control of and lower your business’s energy E3 commercial solar | E3 Environments costs and as an added bonus, take advantage of shaded parking, while adding value to your real estate.

With E3 Technology you get a unique team of experts that will help you with every step of the solar project process, from analyzing your current and projected energy use, to planning, financing and assisting with getting you every incentive, rebate and refund that is available to you.

Commercial benefits of solar & energy products:

  • Create clean energy for your business
  • Insulate your business from rising energy costs
  • Combine the benefits of shade structures and solar energy
  • Take advantage of all of the available tax benefits available
  • Take advantage of a multitude of utility incentives for business
  • Purchase a complete system with no Capex ( out of pocket)
  • Increase the value of your building