The Powerstar Virtue system utilizes the unique Powerstar voltage optimization technology along with bi-directional
inverters to provide an innovative energy storage system for businesses.


  • Can be used with existing renewable infrastructure
  • Suitable for any commercial or industrial building where voltage optimization is installed
  • Universal design, suitable for use globally
  • Durable design for most environments and climates
  • Integrated data logging
  • Outdoor enclosure
  • Emergency power mode
  • Full UPS site support capability up to 2 hours
  • Fully electronically regulated voltage output
  • Phase balancing
  • Harmonic reduction
  • Power factor improvement


  • Maximize savings by storing electricity locally
  • Reduce costs by coming off grid at times of high tariff
  • Eliminate risk of network interruption
  • Guarantee stable and reliable power at all times
  • Make your facility grid independent at any time
  • Integrate with onsite renewables to maximize cost benefits
  • Eliminate use of inverters on renewables
  • Reduce cost of renewable installations
  • Reduce the need for diesel generators
  • Reduce maintenance costs of onsite electrical equipment
  • 100% savings guarantee