How important is nutrition to overall well being and performance on the golf course?

Many golfers do not realize the important role that nutrition plays in performance. Poor nutrition leads to a decline of energy, mental focus, muscle activation, power, stamina/endurance and health. Poor nutrition also leads to increase in inflammation, weight gain in gut, frustration/mood swings, fatigue, strokes/misses/inconsistency, cravings, recovery time, disease, and joint degradation. To quote , Dr. Ara Suppiah TPI Nutrition Advisor: “Dysfunctional Food = Dysfunctional Core. Screw up your digestion and screw up your core.”

What are some nutritional myths?

Getting your energy from caffeine and high sugar foods and drinks doesn’t work and leads to blood-sugar swings and crashes, inconsistencies, frustration, exhaustion, poor recovery. Another myth is to use alcohol “aiming fluid” to calm you down. That’s a funny one. I recommend you manage moods and nervousness with small, frequent nutritious meals to maintain consistent blood levels, and control inflammation as well as staying strong and mobile for a well functioning, fit body.

“Pick 3” is a technique we use here at SHIFT TRAINING where you combine fruits/vegetables with proteins and healthy fats for energy, endurance and muscle support. An example of Pick 3 is jerky with nuts and a small banana. If you’re not battling weight or inflammation, then you can choose whole grains or starchy carbs combined proteins and fruits/vegetables. Avoid sugars and processed items. For hydration drink water with a pinch of sea salt every nine holes. Fruits/vegetables are mostly water, contain minerals and anti-oxidants which work well for golfers for hydration and energy.