Residential Entertainment

What is home control?

The modern home is becoming more and more dependent upon technology, effecting virtually every element of our everyday lives. E3 Technologies understands the impact that this revolutionHome Entertainment e3 has made on your home environment and is uniquely equipped to help you make the right choice for all of your automation and entertainment needs. Whether you want to be able to access and control every light , thermostat, drapery , pool and spa feature from the family IPad, or want to enjoy movie night in your own custom designed home theater or media room…..the experts at E3 can make it all happen, simply and cost effectively.

Here at E3 Technologies, we understand your home’s entire environment, more importantly, how all of the disparate systems in today’s home interact and are connected. The simplicity of turning a TV on or selecting your favorite FM radio station is a thing of the past…, you need the internet and a robust WiFi network to listen to music or select a movie, you need to be able to access the cloud for all of your media, the separation between your computer, tablet, phone and TV has all but vanished. The term “integrated” has never been more relevant than it is today, that’s why the experts at E3 are considered “environmental technology specialists”, focusing on solutions that best suit your lifestyle and enhance and simplify your quality of life:

  • Complete home automation packages
  • Security and surveillance
  • IT networks and services
  • Dedicated media and theater rooms
  • Design and construction services