Customer Testimonial


I am a 47 year old, 13 handicap index and have utilized various functional weight training programs my entire life. I feel Phillip does a very good job of connecting the exercises to the golf swing. The workouts were very specific to my assessed weaknesses and were not physically taxing, nor are they designed to be (the goal was not to build muscle mass here, rather to stabilize my overall fitness and golf swing), I have felt my swing balance and body awareness during the golf swing improve 300% by performing his outlined exercises.
In summary, I am very pleased with my results thus far (I have just completed the first month introductory program) and have felt a positive impact on my posture, balance and tempo during the golf swing. I have just committed to an additional 3 months and highly recommend contacting Phillip at Shift Training if you’re looking for a specific program that is designed with your individual needs and goals in mind.


Scott O. Phx, AZ


Being a semi-beginner golfer, I took 5 golf lessons with Phillip and my game has improved a 1000%. Not only does he teach how to hit each club, gain power with the proper fundamental swing motion, offer suggestions on what type of club is better for my range of motion that day, but really helps me develop the “mental” side of the game, he does it with a calming patience, professionalism and a crazy personality! Phillip goes the extra mile in using multiple approaches that I can understand. Thanks again coach!